Commit 2311fdd6 by Francois Gygi

Add fxy and fz functions in FourierTransform

Implement the transfroms and mapping steps in separate functions.
Update testFourierTransform and timers.
parent 984676c7
......@@ -93,6 +93,10 @@ class FourierTransform
#error "Must define USE_FFTW2, USE_FFTW3, USE_ESSL_FFT or FFT_NOLIB"
void fxy(std::complex<double>* val);
void fxy_inv(std::complex<double>* val);
void fz(void);
void fz_inv(void);
void fwd(std::complex<double>* val);
void bwd(std::complex<double>* val);
......@@ -133,11 +137,7 @@ class FourierTransform
int k(int ind) const { return (ind / np0_) / np1_ + np2_first(); }
void reset_timers(void);
Timer tm_f_map, tm_f_fft, tm_f_pack, tm_f_mpi, tm_f_zero, tm_f_unpack,
tm_b_map, tm_b_fft, tm_b_pack, tm_b_mpi, tm_b_zero, tm_b_unpack,
tm_f_xy, tm_f_z, tm_f_x, tm_f_y,
tm_b_xy, tm_b_z, tm_b_x, tm_b_y,
tm_init, tm_b_com, tm_f_com;
Timer tm_fwd, tm_bwd, tm_map_fwd, tm_map_bwd, tm_trans_fwd, tm_trans_bwd,
tm_fxy, tm_fxy_inv, tm_fz, tm_fz_inv, tm_init;
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