Commit 3c57cfc6 by Francois Gygi


git-svn-id: cba15fb0-1239-40c8-b417-11db7ca47a34
parent 35c9d508
......@@ -7,6 +7,16 @@ preferrable to use a single-column context when nst is small to avoid
memory problems.
Context.[Ch]: redesigned Context to be column-major in all cases.
ChargeDensity.C: vcontext definition modified.
SlaterDet.C: new my_col_ctxt member: store single column Context.
Use modified Context allocation for my_col_ctxt to ensure that calls to
MPI_Comm_create are done with same arguments on all tasks.
Wavefunction.C: use simpler Context constructor (default is col-major).
UserInterface.C: removed printing of newline when echo==true.
Cleaned up timers in wf steppers.
NonLocalPotential.C: fixed index calculation (bug 38).
......@@ -3,10 +3,10 @@
// release.C
// $Id: release.C,v 1.12 2004-10-28 16:55:20 fgygi Exp $
// $Id: release.C,v 1.13 2004-11-10 22:49:12 fgygi Exp $
#include "release.h"
std::string release(void)
return std::string("1.20.1");
return std::string("1.21.0");
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