Commit 607bc29a by Francois Gygi

Include PLTFLAGS when running makedepend

git-svn-id: cba15fb0-1239-40c8-b417-11db7ca47a34
parent af3e59e8
......@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ SampleStepper.o EnergyFunctional.o
# generate dependencies in makefile: use -Y to avoid library header files
# that are likely to be different on other platforms.
depend :
makedepend -Y -D$(PLT) *.[cCh]
makedepend -Y -D$(PLT) $(PLTFLAGS) *.[cCh]
#makedepend -D$(PLT) -I/usr/include/CC *.[cC]
# Cleanup object files
......@@ -501,6 +501,8 @@ RescaleVCmd.o: Control.h
ResetVcmCmd.o: UserInterface.h Sample.h AtomSet.h Context.h Atom.h D3vector.h
ResetVcmCmd.o: UnitCell.h ConstraintSet.h ExtForceSet.h Wavefunction.h
ResetVcmCmd.o: Control.h
RseedCmd.o: UserInterface.h Sample.h AtomSet.h Context.h Atom.h D3vector.h
RseedCmd.o: UnitCell.h ConstraintSet.h ExtForceSet.h Wavefunction.h Control.h
RunCmd.o: RunCmd.h UserInterface.h BOSampleStepper.h SampleStepper.h Timer.h
RunCmd.o: EnergyFunctional.h ChargeDensity.h Context.h StructureFactor.h
RunCmd.o: Sample.h AtomSet.h Atom.h D3vector.h UnitCell.h ConstraintSet.h
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