Commit 8df4f969 by Francois Gygi

Add srand48 call to Wavefunction::randomize

This change is needed to allow for symmetry breaking when using
multiple kp blocks (-nkpb) or multiple spin blocks (-nspb).
parent 533fcf81
......@@ -623,6 +623,7 @@ void Wavefunction::move_kpoint(D3vector kpoint, D3vector newkpoint)
void Wavefunction::randomize(double amplitude)
srand48((long int) MPIdata::rank());
for ( int isp_loc = 0; isp_loc < sd_.size(); ++isp_loc )
for ( int ikp_loc = 0; ikp_loc < sd_[isp_loc].size(); ++ikp_loc )
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